a program of California School Fitness,

a 501(c)3 non-profit organization

Heartlight is an after school dance aerobics 
program for girls and boys in elementary schools. 
Our mission is to teach children that 
We believe that once children experience the feeling of fitness and the joy of movement they will  CHOOSE to remain active. 

Heartlight  offers boys and girls  the opportunity to participate in a NON- COMPETITIVE fitness activity where the emphasis is on fun and individual achievement rather than winning or losing.

Heartlight currently holds classes in over 100 schools in California, Texas and Maryland.  

Girls and boys learn jazz, hip hop and aerobics dance steps. The choreography is fun and kid friendly. Children feel like super stars as they follow their instructor and learn the latest cool moves.
Heartlight holds 3 sessions during the school year. Each session students put on a  performance with all the other Heartlight classes. 
What an opportunity for these children! Their instructor leads as they perform in front of thousands of people. The children are free to have fun and shine!  Heartlight builds confidence! 
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Heartlight students dancing in the grand finale, Heartlight by Neil Diamond!